For those who are serious about the world of business and finance, Singapore has emerged as a major player, and a golden opportunity for investors, where business is currently thriving. The Asian capital markets have grown to present both a challenge and hotbed of financial opportunity to westerners looking for opportunities beyond the troubled halls of Wall Street. 

Loans, Start-Ups, and SMEs

SME business loan Singapore

It’s easier than ever for qualified candidates to receive SME business loans, and invest in start-ups, outsource SEO, SMEs (Small-to-Medium Enterprises), and invest in other opportunities for their dollar, pound, Euro, yen, yuan, or other currency to go much further than in the currently stagnant western investment markets. An article out just today in Asia One Business talks of two major banks in Singapore–DBS and United Overseas Bank (UOB), being a veritable funding pipeline which connects investors to more than 200 start-ups like small to medium businesses, and fintechs, or financial technology firms. This comes at a time when more and more emerging technologies, start-ups, and other funding opportunities are raising their heads all over the Far East and Southern Asia.

Refinancing and Financial Tips

It’s also a great time to see about refinancing business and personal loan Singapore, as the average loan payout is $70,000USD, with an average repayment tenor of six months. A recent report by independent investment analysts says that three of the hottest areas of financial opportunity in Singapore and Asia will be in trading, financial analysis, and IT. Smart technology and robotics also look very promising for investors in start-ups in Singapore. 

The Financial Forecast for Singapore

A May 2016 report in says that the best-paying jobs in Singapore through this year will be in IT (jobs like web developers for front and backend, SEO specialist, tech support), banking and finance, accounting, health care and life sciences so its definitely a plus if you would check out licensed money lenders in singapore. The Star online reports that higher wages are pulling many into Singapore to work at the emerging number of companies fed by the current Asian economic boom which Singapore is helping to lead.

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