singapore food

Singapore is a modern Southeast Asian city with a long history of diversity in terms of its society, as well as its cuisine. Singapore is unique in that is offers street food vendors from the Malay, Chinese and Indian tradition. Although Singapore has been known as a global business hub in Southeast Asia for many years, it is now starting to be recognized for it’s unique street foods. Foodies from all over the world come to Singapore to sample its uncommon fare. If you find yourself in Singapore, you have to try these 3 foods from the various local street vendors, also known as hawkers.

3 Fantastic Street Foods of Singapore


A well-known noodle soup that combines coconut milk and various spices, along with dried shrimp and seafoods. Different versions of this dish exist all over Singapore and everyone has their favorite location for this broth dish.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice

A simple but delicious poached chicken dish. Oftentimes, this poultry dish is served along with rice. It is sometimes known as the National Dish of Singapore. This succulent chicken meal is popular among both locals and tourists alike.

Chili Crab

chili crab

The people of Singapore love seafood and the most loved of all seafood is crab. This dish is known not only for its enticing crab but the tasty sauce it comes with; which is both savoy and sweet. Many people eat this dish with buns to soak up the delicious chili paste and tomato based sauce.

If you are looking to sample these and other fantastic street foods all in one place, try Maxwell Food Centre near Chinatown. It is know as one of the best food hawker’s location in this unique city-state. However, you can find amazing hawkers all over Singapore. So go check out the wonderful street foods of Singapore today.